9 Tools to Realign Your Inner Self and Get Back on Track

When my grandmother passed away in December 2020 all I could do was cry. I really didn’t know how to handle my feelings and emotions, or what to do in general.  My self-care started to slip, I quit my gym, I was starting to eat unhealthy foods, my routines were all over the place, and my sleep was completely off.  

BUT! Two things did stay consistent for me during this time - prayer and journaling to God every night.  No matter how tired I was, or how sad I was, one commitment that I made to myself was that I would still continue to do these two things even if it was one word I said or wrote down, with tears in my eyes. I wanted to make sure that I kept my relationship with God front and center (some days easier for me than others), and also not completely lose myself during this time.   

This was a different type of grief for me.  My heart was just broken.

Staying true to my journaling helped me navigate the questions of:

  1. Am I handling all of this in a healthy way? 

  2. What does grief and this season look like for me? 

To be honest, I wondered what I should write about this week to you all and all I kept hearing was the word “tools.” Tools? What does that even mean? What am I supposed to share with the tribe regarding “tools”? 

And then it slowly started to dawn on me, I am supposed to talk about: 

What tools am I using in this unfamiliar season of my life to realign my inner self and get back in my routine and self-care? 

Losing someone you love and being quarantined, I will admit has definitely thrown me off balance these last few months, but I refuse to let that stop me from getting back on track. In this post, I want to share with you 9 healthy tools, that I have been utilizing as I get back into my routine. 

  1. Prayer: Only through God’s grace have I been able to keep my head up in life from my abuse, depression, my 3-year inner healing journey to wholeness to dealing with grief, the list can go on. And I will be the first one to admit that it’s easy to want to give up when you don’t see “overnight results” (I gave up plenty of times, failed plenty of time, and got back up plenty of times). Prayer and my personal relationship with God have been my comfort and safe space.  I love this tool because prayer is powerful and it allows you to build your own personal relationship and connection with God.  

  2. Reading the bible: Reading my bible has helped me renew my mind and spirit, it has reminded me of whose and who I am, it has helped me break down false beliefs, and it has been restoring the parts of me that need restoring.  One of my newest bibles is from Joyce Meyers: The EveryDay Life Bible. I love Joyce Meyers and how she breaks down scriptures, everyday life principles, and her sense of teachings of the Word. Also, an additional bible that I also have is the CSB (in)courage Devotional Bible and this is specifically for women and it has mini devotionals in there from women that relate to specific bible verses. These are the two bibles that have allowed me to grow deeper in scripture to provide greater understanding. 

  3. Journal: Writing is my outlet. Writing is my safe space. It’s a place where I can let it all out and just be Brit. Hence this blog. I honestly feel so free journaling and I encourage you to start.  There are blank journals, guided journals, and workbooks, that you can use to start your journaling journey.  One major benefit of journaling is that it strengthens your emotional health by helping you connect with your inner needs and desires, be in the present moment, personally grow, and nurture confidence and self-identity.  Oh, and I love journaling in Journal Planner Pens!  The colors help me process my thoughts and emotions for that day.


  4. Give yourself grace: If you are currently on any type of intentional healing journey, please give yourself grace.  Understand that you have to be patient with yourself and love up on you a little extra in these times.  Inner Healing, wholeness, becoming the best version of you is no walk in the park. It takes time, it takes intentionality, it takes work on your part, you have to maintain it, and sometimes you feel completely alone.  Give yourself permission to be nice to you.  Give yourself permission to feel grace from YOU. 

  5. Adult Coloring Books:Yes, you see this right, coloring. There are plenty of adult coloring books and it is becoming more and more popular.  Coloring is relaxing, it helps you focus, and it brings you to the present moment.  One thing that I like to do is color in the evening to help me unwind.  There are also coloring apps, the one I have on my phone is called “Happy Color.”

  6. Meditation: I recently started to get back into meditation, because I would either wake up with a lot of anxiety or struggle to go to sleep.  My favorite meditation app is “Insight Timer” they have a mixture of Christian meditations, deep breathing meditations, and mindfulness meditations that can help you refocus your mind, start your day, calm you throughout your day, and help you relax before bed.

  1. Working out: Okay, so remember I told you I quit my gym in December 2020 in the beginning? Well, the above healthy tools have helped me to get back into my working out routine of 4 to 5 times a week.  I am slowly getting back into the swing of things as I learn how to work out at home and reach my fitness goals of staying healthy and “slim thick.” Yes, I said what I said lol “slim thick.” No but seriously, working out has always been a big part of my life, and if you can fit it into your schedule, I believe that it is a game-changer for not only your physical health but your mental health as well.  Find a fitness app, I use “Emily Skye Fit”, or go on youtube to find videos, and if you feel comfortable find a gym, but staying active is important to your health.  I am rooting for you!

  2. Family: The last two tools go hand in hand. Family and Friendships. I love my family very much and I honestly thank God for them.  They are crazy just like everyone else’s family, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  Stay connected to your loved ones and do not isolate yourself from your family or friends.  Isolation was something that I used to be really good at, but as I learn to allow people to love me, it has been getting easier to enjoy other people’s company and embrace care, laughter, and love in my life.  Utilize the support you have whether it is family, friends who are more like family, coworkers, mentors, etc.

  3. Friendship: Leaning on friends has been huge on this unfamiliar journey.  I am not one to really open up, but I have been learning to.  If you struggle like me with opening up to people: 

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Ask God to increase your discernment so that you know who to talk to and who not to talk to, and how deep you should go with certain people.

Listen I hope me sharing my 9 Tools to Realign Your Inner Self and Get Back on Track has encouraged you.

Declaration & Affirmation: I honor my inner self and treat her with care.

Talk soon!

Brit Lashae

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