3 Ways to Protect your Inner Peace

This is your time, and your place of peace, protect it.

What do you think about when it comes to spring? A season where we see beautiful transformation of weather changing, flowers blooming, the sun staying out a bit longer, more people enjoying the outdoors, and each one of us stepping into a new quarter of our lives.

When I think about spring - peace and stillness come to mind. During this season I like to re-evaluate and think about the relationships, environments, and situations that are in my life that affect my peace whether good or bad and how I want to move forward with each one. I question:

  • Am I protecting the inner me enough?

  • Am I protecting that peace that I need in my life?

  • The peace that I need to really be the best version of myself, the peace that allows me to pour into others in a fruitful way?

  • Am I guarding my state of mind and my present moments? 

  • How am I responding to things in order to control the controllable?

In this blog post, I want to provide you three tools that I have used to create and protect my peace:


Write down what triggers you to not have peace: This helps pinpoint the situations or people that create chaos and/or drama in your life. In my workbook Triggered, the first thing my readers do is go through a 10-Day Triggered Challenge so that they can identify their Trigger Trends in order to see what may cause frustration, unalignment, or disturbance throughout their days.

Ephesians 4: 26 - 28 states “ Be angry and do not sin, don't let the sun go down on your anger, and don't give the devil an opportunity, let the thief no longer steal.”  I love this verse because it gives me permission to embrace my emotions but it also reminds me to not hold on to them.  The verse reminds me to release and not allow the thief to steal.  I have realized that when people or situations are able to take away your peace and make you angry or confused or overwhelmed - you are giving them too much power, and it puts you in a place that is not healthy. Easier said than done to just let somethings go, but when you already know what triggers you to not have peace, you are more prepared with a gameplan and strategy to protect it.



Create the Intention:  Make it intentional to have peace in your life. Every morning write down, “Today I will have peace in my life,”  monitor your day, and make the choices that align with what your set intention is. 

If something is the opposite of what your intention is, then it needs to be removed.  For example, if you know that answering that call or answering that text will have you going off, then take some time to step away and do a self-check with yourself.  Ask yourself how it will make you feel if you respond now vs later, if it is more peaceful for you to respond later, then choose that way. 


Create a Safe Space: Find a place to have quiet time so that you can think clearly and feel safe, a space of peace and calmness that feels relaxing to you. Set the tone and mood in the atmosphere, whether it is a candle or soft music. You can be in your room, your car, or your favorite park. You can even get creative and close your eyes and create a mental safe space. This is your time, and your place of peace, protect it.

Repeat out loud:  I no longer allow others to steal my joy, peace, or happiness.  I am protective of my space.

I encourage you to journal what peace means to you and how you will protect the inner you.  Let me know how you protect your peace in the comments!

Xoxo, Brit

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